and Production.

We cover all aspects.

Based on the fundamental principles of strategy, opportunity and ownership, we execute all facets of event management to set the stage for out-of-this-world brand moments.

Our events division specialises in the conceptualization, management and execution of event production. Launching moments precisely in sync with their conceptual foundation.



Poised to offer all elements of event management based on the fundamental principles of strategy, opportunity and ownership, our team specialises in creating high impact moments across all industries and creative briefs. From trunk shows to concerts and catwalks to corporate openings, we bring visions to life through careful curation.

The World

Our creative team applies decades of global experience and international creative contacts to conceptualise and produce world-class content that captures its audience.


Realising the spheres
of possibility.

We deliver an end-to-end solution for content production that converts to critical acclaim.

We manage every facet of the production process in house, with global outreach. From advertising campaigns to music videos and photoshoots to corporate collateral, our production team applies years of expertise to deliver full production management and execution across all industries.

How we
do it.

Headquartered in Dubai UAE, we invest in those who supercede their peers. We are host to a unique creative team and portfolio of international faces and entertainers only accessed through Signature Element.

The passion and breadth of experience of our management team allows us to stand out in a competitive business where expertise and execution is key.

Shape your Signature
with us.