What we have,
you can’t find

Creatives. Faces. Entertainers.

We set uncompromising standards through the ongoing, high-touch personalised consultation and training of each of the elements on our portfolio.

Decades of international fashion and entertainment experience arms our team with the unrivalled industry knowledge to procure, represent and place the very best in the industry.

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Brilliance is
our mission.

Shaping perfection
our calling.

We nurture growth and fuel success. With a proven ability to shape and propel careers, we manage faces at every stage.

Leveraging global relationships with renowned names in fashion and entertainment, The Elements on our portfolio are presented with unparalleled opportunities in the UAE and beyond.

For our clients, international agents, and The Elements we book, we do not meet expectations, we transcend them.

has a story.

We tailor perfection. Signature Element grants access to a new generation of faces, creatives and entertainers, not found on the books of any other regional or international agencies.

We invest in the makings of greatness. We launch tomorrow's household names.

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We hunt the globe
for the extraordinary.

We launch

We are an international platform for new models who are yet to be placed on a leading international portfolio. Our team holds the expertise to evolve raw faces and creatives and provide unforgettable opportunities in one of the world's most exciting and fastest growing cities.

How we
do it.

Headquartered in Dubai UAE, we invest in those who supercede their peers. We are host to a unique creative team and portfolio of international faces and entertainers only accessed through Signature Element.

The passion and breadth of experience of our management team allows us to stand out in a competitive business where expertise and execution is key.

Shape your Signature
with us.